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The peace sailor seminars complete

The Peace Sailors, 105 young trainees from all over the county Østfold, have just completed a sequence of four seminars to prepare them for their great adventure this summer, The Tall Ships Races. Since early spring they have spent Saturdays at Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad for a variety of themes connected to the reason why they are called Peace Sailors.

At the first seminar Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament, Mr Svein Roald Hansen, presented the importance of the now 200 years of the Norwegian Constitution and why freedom of speech rooted in the Constitution is such a fundamental part of our democracy.

On the second seminar, journalist and web specialist Ståle de Lange Kofoed related freedom of speech to social media, and gave the youngsters ideas on how to use and not use social media as their personal communication tools. Many of the Peace Sailors plan to blog and report through social media about their life changing experience on board a tall ship from Harlingen to Fredrikstad, or from Fredrikstad to Bergen.

The third seminar was visited by the well-known football and icehockey coach Morgan Andersen, previously participant in World Cups and the Olympics. His message was mental training and preparedness for individual and group challenges. Vilde Lofthus Rooth who participated in the Tall Ships Races in 2013 gave her contribution to this theme through stories about how she and her fellow trainees met these challenges sailing one week form Riga to Sczcecin.

At the final seminar June 14, former Norway’s basket ball team player and winner of the TV competition Champion of the Champions, Marco Elsafadi, talked about cooperation, self confidence and the will to win. One of the young trainees, Karl Adrian Hillestad Skimten (18) commented –I know I reflect people around me and will always try to adjust, but only to the extent that I do not compromise my own free will.

-You are now prepared to be ambassadors for Fredrikstad and for the Constitution of our country, project manager Bjørg Johnsrud Western said in her Bon voyage conclusion of the seminars.


Bjørg Johnsrud Western, project manager TSRF2014, mobile+47 916 16 570, e-mail

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