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Cruise in Company route 2014

Every year a Cruise in Company leg is part of the Tall Ships Races. This leg is not a competitive event, but a cruise of friendship and adventure giving the ships a choice of alternative sailing routes. The Cruise in Company leg is always suitable for crew exchange between participating vessels, and many ships admit paying guests on board. In 2014, the Cruise in Company leg will cover the distance between Fredrikstad and Bergen, July 15-24.

The ships have 9 days at their own disposal, this gives the ships the opportunity to visit many places along the exciting and magnificent coastline. A Norwegian Organising Committee has selected 6 harbours on the leg: Kragerø, Kristiansand, Skudeneshavn, Leirvik, Bekkjarvik and Strusshamn are ready to welcome a small or large number of participating ships. These harbours will also send five sail trainees each to join one of the legs in the race.


The guest harbours for 2014


Quay capacity: 180 m (two quays)
Anchoring Dephts: 8 m
Pilotage: Free

Kragerø is an idyllic costal town, wich for centuries was dependant n shipbuilding and export of ice and timber to various countries in Europe and overseas. The town truly flourished when sailing ships ruled the waves. These days, Kragerø is a well-known summer resort for a large number of people , many with their own summer cottages on the hundreds of big and small island and islets. The guest harbour for smaller vessels is usually crowded during summer and hotels, restaurants and shops are busy. We believe that this picturesque and bustling little town of ours is an interesting place to visit as a guest harbour for your vessel and crew.

We can offer a wide variety of cultural events, shopping, art galleries (Edvard Munch lived in Kragerø), resaturants, music events, a very novce golf course and other sporting activities. Take an unforgettable break in Kragerø!


Quay capacity: 110m and 77 (two quays)
Anchoring depths: 8m - 33m
Pilotage: Free


Arendal is a lively and scenic city with a sheltered and well-equipped port near the city center. This oldest city in Southern Norway has a tradition for welcoming ships, seafarers and visitors. Founded on shipping, forestry and mining, Arendal developed into one of the wealthiest cities in Northern Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. Evidence of its golden age is easy to find on a stroll through the old part of the city.


The city is a small, cosy and popular holiday spot for Norwegians and international visitors. A pleasant climate and the spectacular seaside landscape provide the perfect setting for outdoor activities and the numerous cultural events that take place here every year. Arendal is in an ideal location for ships heading in or out of the Baltic, the North Sea and Skagerrak. The sea approach to the city from Skagerrak through the fjord Galtesund is probably one of Norway’s finest.


Quay capacity: 3100 m (four quays)
Anchoring dephts: 4-8 m
Pilotage: Free

Kristiandsand is the capital of the southernmost part of Norway. The city was founded in 1641and it’s Norway’s best example of a well-preserved renaissance city. The city’s street plan has the same characteristic quadric blocks as it did when it was founded. Today, Kristainsand has 80.000 inhabitants. Traditionally, Kristiansand has been an international city with extensive activities, within process industry, information technology, commerce, tourism and culture. The city has become world-leading in the production of drilling equipment for oil installations.

The Port of Kristiansand (N 580 08.5o, E 0070 59.7o) is situated at the mouth of the river Otra in the Kristiansand fjord. There are two sea routes into the port; the eastern opening (Østergapet) and the western opening (Vestergapet), of which the eastern is the main route. Sailing into the port is unusually straightforward and safe in regard to open water and depht. The distance from the lighthouses of Oksøy (N 580 04.6o, E 0080 32.2o) and Grønningen (N 520 04.85o, E 008 05.2o), where the approach begin, to the port, is four nautical miles. The port is one of Norway’s largest, with extensive container and ferry activities. It is well sheltered from winds and inclement weather. Tugs and pilots are easily available. The port’s traffic department operates 24 hours a day.


Quay capacity: 158 m (two quays)
Anchoring dephts: 4,9 m
Pilotage: Free

This charming traditional fishing village on the southern tip of Karmøy was voted Norway’s “Summer Town” in 2004. A stroll thorugh Old Skudeneshavn with its quaint timber houses, narrow streets and unique architecture is like stepping back in time to the days of sailing ships and horsedrawn. With its of 225 wooden houses, is regarded as one of the best preserved in Europe.

Every year, Skudeneshavn hosts a “boating” festival known as Skudefestivalen at the end of June or beginning of July. The festival is the largest gathering of coastal culture in western Norway, with boats of all categories – old wooden boats, vintage boats, modern boats, sailing boats, tall ships – the town is full of life around the harbour – both on land and on water.


Quay capacity: 350 m (three quays)
Anchoring depths: 3-12 m
Pilotage: Free

Stord is the only town in Sunnhordland and is a centre for the entire region. Leirvik is a junction for communication within and out of Sunnhordland. Starting from Stord, the way to new experiences in all of Sunnhordland is short. Here you can go skiing in perpetual snow, swim in the sea, fish for trout in the rivers and for pollack in the sea, all in one day.

Sunnhordland Museum has a farm cluster situated a few minutes’ walk up the hill from the centre of Leirvik. You can experience both beautiful scenery and exciting history. Stord Maritime Museum, situated on Leirvik harbour, highlights the industrial and maritime history of Sunnhordland over the last 100 years.

The Mining Museum is situated at Litlabø. Take a train ride around the mine area and see the historic exhibition in the smithy, the environmental exhibition in the workers’ dwelling and the old power station. Vikahaugane Sports Grounds is a multi-purpose sports facility with football pitches, handball courts, athletics track, racket sports facilities, climbing wall and beach volleyball court. The beach voleyball court is open during the summer months and can be used free of charge.


Quay capacity: 126 m (two quays)
Anchoring depths: 10 m
Pilotage: Free

Bekkjarvik, 28nm south of Bergen, is located on one of the 667 islands of Austevoll Municipality. It is surrounded by the ambience of a traditional fishery village with its history from the 16th century and till today, where you’ll visit a charming marina serving both opportunities for relaxation, sports and activities and an exquisite local food experience made by the winner of 2012 Bocuse d’Or Europe!

Our visitors are welcome to join a guided tour through Bekkjarvik and discover its maritime heritage, step onboard to a top modern purse seiner or enjoy shopping in Scandinavia’s most outstanding maritime shopping centre, among historical photos and ship models.

Maybe you also want to try your own luck in fishing ?


Quay capacity: 100 m
Anchoring depths: 5 m
Pilotage: Free

Strusshamn was in its time one of the biggest farms on Askøy owned by the church, the king and later by merchants from Bergen with surnames like Heiberg, Meyer, Gørbitz and Pütter. Strusshamn’s good harbour near Bergen laid the foundations for the inn, church and munincipal administration from 1837; and was in its time a quarantine harbour for ships arriving from abroad.

For many years the ferry which was the islanders connection to the mainland, was one of the busiest in the country. However this changed when the new suspension bridge was opened. The bridge is Norway’s longest of its kind. Askøy still has maintained much of its charm and local communities. It is an island rich in contrasting natural beauty, with a wealth of cultural interests, historical sites, bird sanctuary and the yearly sailboat race “Askøy Rundt”. Askøy is the municipality with the largest production of leisure boats in the country and also the most important meeting place for kiters and surfers in the Bergen region.

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