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Practical information

How to get to the Fortified Town

You get to the Fortified Town by ferry, bus or car.


If you come by car follow the signs to Fortified Town / Gamlebyen, it is recommended to park right outside the Old City .


There are two free ferries to the Fortified Town. If you come by train you can take ferry from Cicignon over to The Fortified Town. Follow Jernbanegata from the Train station down to Ferjestedsveien and the river. 


From Fredrikstad city center take the City Ferry.

Opening hours in the Fortified Town

The opening hours in the Fortified Town varies from each establishment, but in general the shops and galleries are open from 11:00 until 16:00 on Monday * to Friday and from 12:00 to 15/16 on Sundays.

*Note that some shops, galleries and attractions may be closed on Mondays.


The market at King's Square starts in April and lasts until Christmas. The market is open on Saturdays from 09:00 to 15:00, but during the summer season and around Christmas the market is also open on Sundays.

Post Office

An "in-store" Post Service is located at  “Gamlebyen Frukt og Tobakk” in Færgeportgaten 81. There is also a mailbox at the entrance of the Fortified Town.

Parking in the Fortified Town

There are limited parking opportunities within the Fortified Town and it is recommended to park outside the town or use one of the free ferries.


In parts of Voldgaten, Toldbodgaten, Raadhusgaten, by the ferry and "Glasshytta" there is one hour free parking. (08-18 Monday - Friday and 08 -15 Saturday).
In parts of the Laboratoriegaten, Kirkegaten, Tøihusgaten, Voldgaten, Smedjegaten there is parking for a fee.


Outside the Fortified Town there is a large parking lot (across from the cemetery) where there is three hour free parking.


There are public toilets at the “Grunnmurede Provianthus” at Bastion 5.

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