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Documentary film: Edvard Munch’s Mothers

The film gives insight about the lives of Munch’s mother Laura Cathrine Munch and her sister Karen Bjølstad, who both played key roles in Munch’s personal and artistic development.

Munch’s mother Laura Cathrine Munch died of tuberculosis when Edvard was only five years old. Her younger sister, Karen Bjølstad, “Aunt Karen”, then shouldered responsibility for her little nephew and his four siblings. Aunt Karen and her nephew retained their warm and close relationship right up to her death in 1931. She was early in recognizing Munch’s talent and posed several times for his paintings, including The Sick Child (1885-86) and Spring (1889). Their frequent correspondence provides unique perception of Munch’s personal thoughts and experiences, and lays the foundations for the film. In their letters Munch commented on milestones in his life and career, including his mother’s death, his call as an artist and sickness and deaths in the family. The film focus on the significance Munch’s childhood home and maternal relatives had for his art.


Director: Lars Rasmussen

Edvard Munch (8 year old): Sondre Heidenberg Brevig
Edvard Munch (adult): Lars Sæther
Inger Munch: Gunni Jorfald Johnsen
Karen Bjølstad (Aunt Karen): Wenche Steigård
Laura Chatrine Munch: Ellen Røhr-Staff
Christian Munch: Morten Milde


When Premiere 1st June 2013
Web www.munchsmø
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