Troll show

A special welcome to Fredrikstad Cruise Port

One might think that Trolls are just Scandinavian folktales and fictitious stories, but in Norway we know that they exist, and occasionally we encounter them. So, if you come to Fredrikstad and Norway, you might be lucky - or unlucky - to experience true Trolls. 

Norwegian trolls

Photo: Thomas Andersen

On the cruise quay in Fredrikstad, the passengers are welcomed by very curious Norwegian trolls. Normally these creatures are hard to encounter, hiding in the mountains and caves of Norway’s unspoiled nature. The trolls think that tourists are supernatural beings and are eager to explore the new arrivals. If you get spooked, they will burst out laughing and dance around.


The trolls love to be photographed and start posing when you bring out your camera. With their huge heads, big noses and bad teeth it is hard to describe them as pretty, but when they start with their antics and pranks no one can help to be charmed by the trolls.

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