Table tales - Fredrikstad Cruise Port

Table Tales

Meet some of the region’s finest culinary artists. The Oslo region’s booming food scene is born from a rare closeness between urban life and nature.

The energy and diversity of the region’s cities inspire excellence and innovation in cooking. With farmlands, forests and the fjord nearby, even the most urban of restaurants have access to fresh ingredients that have traveled a few hours – at most. The result is modern food with a quality and distinctive touch that attracts foodies from all over the world.


Who better to present this unique food scene than the people who have created it? Join us on a journey where some of the Oslo region’s foremost culinary artists talk about their passion for food and for the places where they live and work.


Local seafood in Fredrikstad

Ingeborg Nygaard, manager and chef at Slippen seafood restaurant in Fredrikstad, takes pride in offering dishes made with local ingredients. She is very much in love with her current hometown, where she, among other things, enjoys spending time in the historic old town and out in the archipelago of Hvaler.

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