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The power centre of Askim

Askim is both a town and municipality in Østfold county.


Askim borders Spydeberg to the west and north, Trøgstad and Eidsberg to the east and Skiptvet to the south.

Askim received town status in 1996. The town has a library and a lively cultural centre. There are two cinemas, one of them being a certified THX cinema. Østfoldbadet water park is centrally located, the entrance being connected to the cultural centre.

The Kraft festival is one of Askim's most popular cultural festivals. Each August the festival attracts both artists and the public from all over Norway. One of the festival's traditions is to hold the opening concert in the old Turbin hall at the Kykkelsrud powerplant.


The river Glomma naturally borders Askim with its abundance of waterfalls. These have enabled for power production. Askim has therefore 3 major powerplants (Solberg, Kykkelsrud and Vamma).


Askim is situated in the Inner Østfold region, and has many restaurants, cafès and bakeries where you can purchase food made from local farm ingredients. Also in this region you will find Ørje, a small town where you can board a steam boat and travel through the Halden waterways. The Halden canal has Northern Europe's highest sluice (Brekke sluices) and is the oldest in Norway.


Inner Østfold tourist office helps you get the most out of your stay in the region!

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