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The archipelago of Hvaler

Hvaler consists of a group of islands off the coast of Fredrikstad.


The city centre is located at Skjærhalden, Kirkeøy. Hvaler became a municipality in 1838.


There are 833 islands, reefs and islets. Some of the biggest islands are Nordre (Northern) Sandøy, Søndre (Southern) Sandøy, Herføl, Lauer and Tisler. During the summer, the number of people visiting Hvaler is doubled, with around 30 000 people visiting the island.


Fredrikstad and Hvaler may be to different municipalities, but they sort of belong together. If you visit Fredrikstad, you should visit Hvaler, as they are very close to one another.

Why not sun bathe in Hvaler during the day, and visit the vibrant pubs and clubs in Fredrikstad during the night? Or shop at Torvbyen shopping centre in Fredrikstad, then go island hopping from Skjærhalden in Hvaler?


If you like to walk, why not take a stroll along the coastal walking trail in Hvaler, and then go for a walk in the pulsating pedestrian zone in Fredrikstad, with its many shops.

Let Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler help you get the most out of your stay in Hvaler.


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