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Indre Østfold - A mecca for motorsport

Indre Østfold has for years been a center for motor sport in Norway. Norway's main facility for motorsports is Rudskogen Center in Rakkestad.


In 2006, the politicians decided that Norway's national arena of motor sport would be on Rudskogen in Rakkestad. The plan is now being expanded and will become the largest and most modern motorsport facility.  


Along with Borg MC-club facilities the tracks includes an international car and motorcycle track, an international go-kart track, MX ATV track, enduro trail, circuit racing, trial site, FMX area, various children's courts and activity center for MC.


Motorsports Village Spydeberg.
Several motorsportstalents comes from Spydeberg. Rally brothers Petter and Henning Solberg, both giants in the world in rally came from the village in Indre Østfold. The same has Stian Sorlie he was long a formula talent.


Momarken Bilbane in Mysen:
Another large and increasingly recognized role is Momarken Bilbane. The course has previously hosted European championship round of the rally on the path that is made on the inner part of the trotting track. In recent years, Momarken has been the venue for the NEZ Championship in rallycross. International rally is popular, and more and more Norwegian participants have taken steps to address the legacy of Martin Schanche. More speed and drama than the one you find in the rally you have to look long for. On Momarken also arranged the popular branches rallycross and crosskart, very audience-friendly sports-car types with lots of drama and action.


Rallycross in the woods
NMK Aremark has done a great job with rallycross venue in Brekka in Aremark. NMK Aremark is one of the biggest rallycross clubs in Norway, and the club organizes several large national bilcrossrace. The plant in Brekka has also organized national competition, rallycross, which is the biggest highlight for rallycross environment. In addition, staging NMK Aremark its traditional summer festival in rallycross.


The offer for the motorsports enthusiasts are good in inner Østfold - whether you want to participate or just be a spectator.
We refer to the events calendar for more information about the individual stems.

Otherwise, there is more information on the Internet:
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